Like so many of those who are able to solve problems for others, retired entrepreneur and civil engineer Lars E. Foss started out trying to solve some problems of his own. He was a very light sleeper, a sometime insomniac, and experienced muscle stiffness and aches of every description. He also needed the right temperature for the ever-changing seasons – exactly the right temperature.

Travelling for business constantly the way he did, could, as you can imagine, be more than a little trying. He of course had to travel with his own pillow to avoid the flat, lumpy and frequently dirty hotel pillows.

​Lars, who as a retiree, kept producing high-quality artificial snow for films, TV productions, decoration, advertising etc., was always looking for solutions. One day he noticed the younger people operating the machines taking power naps on the large bags of snowflakes, he took some snow home, emptied an old pillow casing, filled it with snow and slept very well that night. He wanted Nordic Sleep, comfortable, fresh, clean.

​At the age of 69, Lars Foss had created his unique filling material. The snowflakes trap air, keeping you warm, but also allowing heat and moisture to escape. They are soft, but with enough resilience to support you so that your muscles may relax. A simple, beautiful and comfortable solution. Very Nordic!

​Lars spent time developing the flakes for their new use, refining them, eliminating a slight rustling murmur, for instance, and experimented with blending the Fossflakes with fine polyester fibre in order to obtain varying degrees of softness. He marketed his invention successfully towards the American hospitality industry and spurred spontaneous positive feedback from guests, leading to the retail market.

​Lars’ son Adam, another light sleeper, took over the company in 2005, and refined, designed and expanded the ranges and the business. Adam, who, among other things, collaborated with physiotherapists, chiropractors and sleep experts on the design of a range of extremely high quality support pillows.

​Today, Fossflakes with its three product ranges SLEEP (pillows and duvets), FAMILY (baby, junior and health care support products) and FOSSTARS (covers) is a recognized Nordic brand with high quality products made with the Nordic tradition of Scandinavian design, quality and craftsmanship – all made in Denmark.

​Fossflakes and all Fossflakes products, all Oeko-Tex 100 certified according to the highest standard: Class 1, are now manufactured at a state-of-the-art production facility in Skive, Denmark (www.fossflakes.com) and sold in over 20 countries throughout the world. Fossflakes’ Nordic Sleep is going universal.