The Fossflakes Filling

Fossflakes Filling, The unique filling
​The invention of Fossflakes was inspired by the ability of down and feather to trap air, but also the fact that Fossflakes products would be hypoallergenic, easy to maintain and longer lasting than similar synthetic products.

​Fossflakes is composed of 100% extended polyethylene polymers and so is naturally hypoallergenic, which makes it a suitable filling material for allergy and asthma sufferers.

More volume and easy to maintain

Because of its unique characteristic ability to trap air between the flakes, Fossflakes filling material will never flatten or lose its resilience. Even after frequent usage or washing, Fossflakes products will retain their loft with just the occasional shake and fluffing.

Fossflakes in the filling material will always add more volume and larger air traps, no matter which other filling is in the blend. The Fossflakes also improve the washability and shortens the drying time. It does not create lumps, distributes itself better and keeps its loft longer.

All types of Fossflakes can be blended with other filling materials in any combination, resulting in new and different characteristics. This provides the opportunity for the development of unique pillows and duvets. From luxury duvets to inner cushions and ergonomic support pillows.

​The filling material in our most basic series is the Fossflakes Superior blend, which combines Fossflakes with the finest polyester fibres for soft, yet firm support. In cases where Fossflakes are combined with down, the synthetic flakes improves down’s own, inherent characteristics. This is because the unique flakes provide the down filling with volume, and the air provides better temperature regulation.

Maintain the right temperature & humidity for a restful sleep

Fossflakes has superior temperature regulation properties – the filling materials allow air to circulate within the pillows/duvets and around your head and body, keeping you cooler than other, traditional bedding products would be able to. You can enjoy sleeping in a cool and dry environment throughout the night!