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Fossflakes Comfort-I

Fossflakes Comfort-I

Embrace it and feel the unique body support

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The Fossflakes Comfort-I is pure comfort and a feeling of security when hugging the pillow.

The I-shape itself makes the pillow multi-functional. Use it when sleeping on your side as extra support for your head, lower back and hip. Or use it during pregnancy to elevate swollen legs and feet, making it easier to find a comfortable sleeping position.

Even after frequent use and washing, the Fossflakes Comfort-I pillow will retain its shape and volume thanks to the Fossflakes filling material. Machine-wash at 60°C to keep free of dust mites.

Size: 150 x 45 cm
Included: Cover 1 pc

OEKO-TEX certification

Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX certified

​Oeko-Tex is the global benchmark standard for textile goods manufactured without harmful substances and in accordance with good environmental practice.

​Out of the four classes of Oeko-Tex certification, Fossflakes has been tested in class I which is the strictest standard in the Oeko-Tex testing program because it tests for harmful substances in textile products produced for babies and small children up to the age of 3.

​It is also your ensurance that not only the filling material but also the fabric cover is tested and Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX certified.

How to wash and take care of your Fossflakes Products?

Our Fossflakes Product is easy to maintain and fluff back into shape. Machine wash at 60°C and tumble-dry at a low setting <60°C. Remove your duvet promptly after the tumble dry cycle completes. Avoid fabric softener and enzyme based detergents when washing Fossflakes product as these may compromise the properties of the filling.

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